Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Image of Maria Bascom

Maria Bascom, who received a BA in Russian from the University of Iowa in May 2019, is the winner of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Award to Russia for 2019-20

Maria Bascom

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

Award: 2019-20 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Award to Russia

Degree: BA in Russian and a minor in Arabic and translation

Could you give a brief synopsis of what you’ll be doing with your Fulbright?

Located in Murom, Vladimir District, Russia, I’ll be working in the Vladimir State University teaching English, as well as creating a women’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu class to connect with the community. 

What drew you to your field of study?

Speaking multiple languages is held in high esteem in my family, and after dipping my toes in Russian, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the idea of translating this beautiful tongue. 

How do you envision this will influence your life/future career?

Translation has been my goal for a long time, and this year will give me the cultural, lingual, and professional opportunities I need to accomplish that goal. 

What advice do you have for future students interested in applying for a Fulbright?

Take all the advice from the great Fulbright team we have on campus—they know what they’re talking about. 

Are there individuals (professors, mentors, etc.) you’d like to thank for their investment in this process?

Everyone in the Russian department who helped me get here: Margaret Mills for nominating me, Irina Kostina for her recommendation, and Alex Niemi for her support with my Russian, as well as Bill Reisinger who gave advice on my application, and Karen Wachsmuth, who provided endless feedback. 

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