Monday, July 18, 2016

IC Wedding

Iowa City is a place of milestones for Wu Hao and Wu Ximeng. For the two University of Iowa graduates, the town is where they became enamored of the UI community, pursued their education, found love, and, later, returned to marry. 

Hao (B.B.A. finance, B.A. economics ’12) and Ximeng (B.B.A accounting and finance ’13) met while attending the UI over a trip to San Francisco, organized by Hao’s former roommate.

“At the time, we did not know much about each other,” Hao, the Puyang, China native, said. “During the trip, I gradually realized this is a nice, thoughtful, and kind-hearted girl so I began to pursue her when we got back to Iowa City. We decided to be in a relationship on January 4. This date in China means I’ll love you this whole life.”

After graduation, the two moved back to China to pursue professional careers. Hao works as an investment bank analyst at China Merchants Securities and Ximeng is a project manager at China Merchants Wealth Asset Management Co.

Iowa City Wedding 2

Once the two decided to marry, it wasn’t long before they knew exactly where they wanted to tie the knot: Iowa City.

“First of all, we both love Iowa City and the University of Iowa,” Hao said. “We have a lot of beautiful memories there, it’s like a second hometown. We started our love journey in Iowa City and cherish the starting point.”

Hao also mentioned the importance of getting married in the church they attended while living in Iowa City and keeping their lifelong relationship before God. They were excited about visiting old friends and celebrating their marriage with them.

While reflecting on their time in Iowa City, Hao and Ximeng couldn’t say enough about what they loved about the town and the university community.

“The recreation center brings me a lot of happy moments,” Hao said. “Basketball, swimming, working out…these activities gave me power, friendships and joyfulness.”

“Iowa City itself is my favorite,” Hao continued, chuckling. “Chipotle, Burge, Hillcrest, Longhorn Steakhouse… a lot of restaurants for date opportunities.”

Now married and back in China, the couple is ready to start their lives together and see where their journey takes them. Although it’s just the beginning, one thing remains clear about their future.

“We will get back to Iowa City in the future for sure,” Hao said. “It is the place where our love journey begins.”