CAPS plays an active role in recruiting and expanding Asian Studies faculty, furthering research, promoting course development, increasing library acquisitions, establishing international linkages and promoting study abroad programs. Faculty working in Asia-Pacific related fields across disciplines are brought together by CAPS as affiliated faculty members. Currently, over 30 affiliated faculty from different disciplinary backgrounds teach over 200 language and content area courses that focus on the Asia-Pacific. Through CAPS’ sponsorship of lectures, seminars and workshops, prominent scholars are brought to campus on a regular basis to share their perspectives and research with UI faculty and students.

CAPS sponsors student and faculty research on the Asia-Pacific by providing grants to support research endeavors and for the dissemination of research findings at international meetings.

CAPS also hosts visiting scholars from around the world. Visiting scholars pursue their academic research with funding from their home institutions while the UI provides all visitors with office space and access to the library’s collections.