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2016-2017 Study Abroad Statistics

Preliminary data shows that 1,242 University of Iowa students--848 undergraduates and 394 graduate and professional students--studied abroad in 70 different countries during 2016-17. More complete statistics will be reported here when available.

2015-2016 Study Abroad Statistics

1,193 University of Iowa students—837 undergraduates and 356 graduate and professional students—studied abroad in 71 different countries during 2015-16.

For undergraduates that graduated in 2015-16, 16% participated in a study abroad experience at some point in their college career at UI.

Academic Status

Among the UI undergraduates, 1% were first-year students, 17% sophomores, 39% juniors, and 44% seniors.

Field of Study

Undergraduates who studied abroad during 2015-16 had majors in all of the Colleges; 48.3% of students represented the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 19.3% in University College, 19.1% were in the Tippie College of Business, 5.9% in the College of Engineering, 4.3% in the College of Education, and 1.6% in the College of Nursing.


UI undergraduates studied abroad in 47 different countries during 2015-16 and UI graduate students studied in 54 different countries. Combining undergraduate and graduate student destinations, 71 countries in total were visited.

The highest concentration of undergraduates—60%—was in Europe. 25% studied in Asia, 7% in Latin America, 6% in Oceania (Australia & New Zealand), and 2% in all other regions combined. The breakdown for graduate students was 36% in Asia, 24% in Europe, 13% in Latin America, 5% in the Middle East, 5% in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 18% of students studied in multiple countries.

Combining all undergraduate and graduate students who studied abroad in 2015-16, the destination breakdown by world region is as follows: Europe – 49%, Asia – 29%, Latin American & the Caribbean – 9%, Australia and New Zealand – 4%, Multiple Destinations - 6%, Other regions – 3%.

Most popular study abroad destinations for UI undergraduate students in 2015-2016

Country Number of students
Italy 151
Spain 140
United Kingdom 101
India 91
South Korea 43
Ireland 43
Japan 37
Australia 35
China 33
France 23

Most popular study abroad destinations for UI graduate students in 2015-2016

Country Number of students
China 86
Multiple Destinations 68


Italy 24
Mexico 19
France 18
United Kingdom 12
Japan 10
Netherlands 7
Germany 7

Duration of Study

42% of UI undergraduates spent a summer abroad, 33% the semester, 21% in winter session programs, and 4% for an entire academic year.

For graduate students, the highest concentration—37%—studied over the summer session, while 31% participated during a semester but for 8 weeks or less, 23% during the winter session, and 6% for a semester, and 3% for an entire academic year.

These are the most up-to-date statistics International Programs has at this time. For more information, Contact Study Abroad.

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