Hyaeweol Choi

From the Director, Professor Hyaeweol Choi

Welcome to the Korean Studies Research Network (KoRN)!  KoRN is a virtual, intellectual platform dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary, innovative, and collaborative research on Korea-related topics. It launched in 2019 at the University of Iowa with generous grants from the Korea Foundation and UI International Programs. While KoRN primarily serves scholars and graduate students at the University of Iowa and colleges and universities throughout the Midwest, through Zoom events we have been able to reach out to a wider audience.   
KoRN offers a wide variety of programs, including public lecture series, seminars, dissertation workshops, and conferences. We are particularly committed to mentoring the younger generation of scholars. We are also committed to publicly engaged scholarship that critically addresses contemporary issues through historically-grounded, evidence-based, and socially responsible research.  
We invite you to join us at any of our future events!