Week of February 1, 2015

Monday, February 2


The South Asian Studies Program (SASP) at the University of Iowa will kick off its spring seminar series with a talk by Dr. Scott Levi titled "Whither the Silk Road?

University Capitol Centre

Tuesday, February 3


The next WorldCanvass will explore the complicated and controversial issues surrounding the legality and use of tobacco and marijuana with a special focus on the tension between personal liberty and the public good.  Host Joan Kjaer will moderate the conversation with guests from the fields of de


太极 A mind-body practice known for increasing flexibility, relaxation and overall health also known as tai chi or tai qi. Beginners welcome.

University Capitol Centre

Wednesday, February 4


Learn how you can make a difference in the Peace Corps and then how Peace Corps can make a difference in your grad school application and funding!

University Capitol Centre (Old Capitol Mall)