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Opportunities to study and learn internationally exist for all Iowa students. Last year Hawkeyes in 65 different majors studied in 75 countries worldwide. See more Study Abroad statistics.

  • Sand dunes in Namibia
  • Ice skating in Sweden
  • A diversity ambassador in Australia!
  • Nighttime views in Peru!
  • One of our bloggers climbs Mt Olympus!

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Immediately following the tragic events in Paris on November 13, the University of Iowa contacted the four UI students who are currently studying in France to ascertain their safety and provide necessary support.  All were accounted for on Friday and none were in Paris during the attacks. Our private international security partner is providing regular updates and recommendations for our student travelers in France. We continue to monitor the situation and work with our program partners throughout Europe to provide support to our students abroad in the region. We also liaise with the U.S. Department of State for updates and analysis of events worldwide. Click here to read more.

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