Summer Schools

Students looking for a short, intense, academically driven experience in South Korea would be best served by attending a summer school session. A number of universities around Korea offer an international summer school that allows students from all over the world to come together and take classes on a wide range of topics. Local Korean students are often involved either as classmates or peace buddies, students specially designated to help international students adapt to Korea.

Most summer school programs usually focus on a specific theme, whether it’s business, the arts, the environment, or a number of others. Korean language and culture classes are almost always offered along with a number of themed classes specific to each program.

The Korean academic calendar matches with the US. Summer programs often start in late May or early June, and run until late July or early August. Sometimes multiple sessions are offered.

Ajou University

Using a combination of classes, cultural excursions, and workshops, Ajou’s summer school program offers insights into Korean and Asian culture as well as offering business administration classes.

Ewha Womans University

Ewha’s goal during its summer school program is to turn its students in to global citizens. A number of classes in numerous disciplines like culture studies, arts, philosophy, and international relations are meant to expand awareness of the world and everyone’s role in it. Take classes with students from forty-five other countries during this co-ed program. (Editor’s note: the word “Womans” in Ewha’s title has been traditionally spelled thusly and is the school’s official English name. Check the wiki article if you don’t believe me.)

Seoul Women’s University

Seoul Women’s University summer school, officially titled Bahrom International Program, is focused on immersion in to Korean culture. This four week intensive program will introduce students to almost every facet of Korean life style including the country’s history, religion, economic struggles, political tension with North Korea, art, and Korean language. Using a very hands-on method, SWU’s staff help students learn about and adapt to Korea’s unique culture.

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

SKKU’s summer school is based around sustainable global prosperity. SKKU takes an optimistic stance on globalization by tackling some of the complications it creates including the environment, human development, innovation, science, and wealth. This particular program has been popular with business and engineering students in past.

University of Seoul

The University of Seoul claims unique status as a municipal university and is one of Korea’s elite colleges. With strong ties to the local Seoul government, many opportunities are open to students during the summer. This program presents Korean culture and traditions but also expands students’ understanding of the rest of Asia as well. Field trips to Beijing or Tokyo are offered alongside traditional site visits within Korea.