Life in Iowa

Life in Iowa is a program designed to assist and support international students adjusting to life and the academic system here in Iowa. The program, sponsored by International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), provides workshops and social activities intended to ease the transition of international students into US, Iowa, and University of Iowa cultures.  What holidays are celebrated here?  What do my professors expect of me?  How can I find internships and how should I prepare to interview for them?  What are some fun places to visit in Iowa?  Please join us for any of the events listed below.

Fall 2015 Schedule


8/20  & 8/21 (Thur.): Academic Survival Skills, MacBride Auditorium, 9:00 am
As a kick-off event for Life in Iowa, this session will provide you general information on being a successful student at Iowa. These will include behaviors necessary to excel at the University of Iowa, how to read and use a course syllabus, knowing academic deadlines to plan ahead, how to use ICON and other technology to manage academic life, and how to use academic resources on campus. 

8/24 (Mon.): Being a Part of the American Culture, 1117 UCC, 5:30 pm 
Join us, and learn about American culture and tips on how to talk to Americans. You will get an opportunity to meet other international students and domestic students.

8/31 (Mon.): Football 101, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm 


9/14 (Mon.): Competitive Resumes & Cover Letters, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
9/21 (Mon.): Preparation for Job Fairs, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm

9/28 (Mon.): OPT Session, 1117 UCC, 3:45 pm
You will learn about OPT information from this session. 

9/28 (Mon.): Job & Internship Search Strategies, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm

* Fall Trip to be announced.


10/5 (Mon.): Considering & Applying to Graduate Schools, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
Do you want to hear from current graduate students about their experience on applying to graduate programs and being a graduate student? Come, learn and meet new friends! 

10/12 (Mon.): Interviewing to Impress, 2520D UCC, 5:00 pm
10/19 (Mon.): Networking & Self Marketing Skills, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm

10/26 (Mon.): Halloween Pumpkin Carving, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
Halloween is approaching! It's time to invite your friends or family for pumpkin carving!


11/2 (Mon.): Career Exploration, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
11/16 (Mon.): Trivia Night, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
Come for a night of Trivia Game! Get to meet new people and show off your trivia prowess! Snacks and refreshments will be provided. 

11/30 (Mon.): Gingerbread Decorating, 1117 UCC, 5:30pm



12/14, 12/15, & 12/16 (Mon., Tue., & Wed.): Study Lounge, 1117 UCC, 5:00 pm
​Are the libraries and IMU too crowded? Need a new space to study? Want to have group study? Join us at 1117 UCC just to study. Snacks and refreshments will be provided all night long. 

For more information about these events, email