International Impact Award

The International Impact Award recognizes distinguished alumni and other individuals with significant ties to the UI who have made important contributions internationally or, in the case of international alumni, abroad in their home countries.

The International Impact Award was established by UI International Programs in 2010 in order to honor exceptional individuals in any field who have made sustained and deep contributions internationally or in the U.S. to promote global understanding. The award is presented by the UI president during International Education Week in a public ceremony. Nominees may come from any field; current UI faculty and staff are not eligible for the award.

2013 International Impact Award Winner

Dr. Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, a Chilean alumnus of the UI College of Engineering and powerful advocate of socially responsible and sustainable environmental practices, has been named the recipient of the 2013 International Impact Award.  Mena-Carrasco directs the Center for Sustainability Research at the Universidad Andres Bello Santiago, and serves as Energy and Climate Specialist for Fundación Chile, a private nonprofit corporation whose mission is to introduce high-impact innovation and empower human capital.

Mena-Carrasco, the fourth recipient of this honor, is deeply involved in air quality research, striving to unfold the layers of complexity surrounding our understanding of global warming and climate change.  Recognizing the social impact of the technological choices we make, Mena-Carrasco is not content to simply conduct research in his lab and leave policy questions to politicians.  He takes his research into the world in hopes of finding solutions to the environmental problems that are daily causing harm to individuals and society, creating great demands in the political and public policy spheres of countries all over the world.  Through continued collaboration with colleagues at the UI and elsewhere, Mena-Carrasco believes the path can be found to a more sustainable and healthier future.

UI President Sally Mason and Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs Downing Thomas will present the award to Mena-Carrasco at the WorldCanvass program The Social Impact of Sustainability at 5 p.m., November 8, in the Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Museum.

2012 International Impact Award Winner

Co-founder and tireless supporter of the International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa, Hualing Nieh Engle received the 2012 International Impact Award.

As only the third recipient of this award, Engle is being honored for her vision in creating and nurturing the International Writing Program; for her commitment to freedom of expression and international/intercultural dialogue regardless of political barriers; for her personal investment in internationalizing the UI campus as well as the larger American literary landscape; and for proudly carrying the name and reputation of the University of Iowa to the most cosmopolitan of cities and most humble of communities in her own voice and in the voices of IWP writers.

Listen to Hualing speak about her work with the International Writing Program on the Nov. 2, 2012, WorldCanvass program “IWP: Writing the Stories of the World,” available as an iTunes podcast.

2011 International Impact Award Winner

Dr. Trudy Huskamp Peterson, former acting archivist of the United States, founding executive director of the Open Society Archives, and director of archives and records management for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, was named the 2011 recipient of the International Impact Award for her unflagging commitment, even in the face of opposition and intimidation, to the protection and safe-keeping of at-risk documents in order that history may be preserved.

"I'm extremely grateful for this award because it gives a little more visibility to the question of the importance of archives in defending, protecting and asserting human rights around the world."
- Trudy Huskamp Peterson

Hear more about Trudy and her work in the free iTunes podcast from the Nov. 11, 2011, WorldCanvass program "Being the Other."

2010 International Impact Award Winners

The inaugural award was presented in 2010 to Richard and Mary Jo Stanley of Muscatine who, along with the Stanley family, have been long-time donors to UI International Programs.

“We are most pleased and honored to receive the International Impact Award,” said Richard Stanley. “This award recognizes our family’s interest in global education over the years. We believe that the survival issues of today and the future require the understanding, engagement and collaboration of all peoples and nations. We are thankful to have a small part in this.”

Stanley commended UI International Programs’ work in preparing students and others to be globally competent and comfortable in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Hear more about the Stanleys and their work in the free iTunes podcast from the Nov. 12, 2010, WorldCanvass program "The Value of an International Education."