International Programs' faculty and staff directory is currently under development. You can always Contact Us at one of our general office numbers.

Job Title Email Address Phone Number
Stephen M. Alessi Associate Professor 319-335-5568
Loyce Arthur Co-director, CDA 319-353-2409
Loyce Arthur Associate Professor 319-353-2409
Emery Banguid Accountant 319-335-0340
Maria Jose Barbosa Professor 319-335-2988
Isabel Barbuzza Associate Professor 319-335-1966
Anna Barker Adjunct Assistant Professor 319-353-2193
Karmen Berger Academic Advisor 319-384-1328
Daniel A Berkowitz Professor 319-335-2136
Mercedes Bern-Klug Associate Professor 319-335-1265
Julie Blair Secretary to IP Dean 319-335-0488
Cinzia Blum Professor 319-335-2268
Terry Boles Associate Professor 319-335-0947
Florence Boos Professor florence-boos@uiowa.edi 319-335-0434
Michael Bortscheller Assistant Director 319-335-0335
Kerby Boschee Study Abroad Advisor & Program Coordinator 319-335-0353
Amy Bowes Study Abroad Advisor & Program Coordinator 319-335-0353
Fran Boyken Study Abroad Advisor & Program Coordinator 319-335-0353
Jeremy Brigham Adjunct Assistant Professor 319-335-0159
Jeremy Brigham Adjunct Professor 319-384-2208
Jo Butterfield Executive Director, CIVIC 319-384-2251
Jonathan C Carlson Professor 319-335-9026
Jill Cawiezell Professor 319-335-8210
Michael Chibnik Professor 319-335-0530
Chris Clough IT Support Consultant 319-384-2949