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Zambia Film List

Title: Condoms, fish & circus tricks (2002)
Format: VHS
Language: English
Run Time: 47 Min.
Description: A documentary on AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the patients, the care-givers and how this disease is impacting African society.
Genre: Documentary

Title: T-shirt travels: the story of secondhand clothes & Third World debt (2001)
Format: VHS NTSC.
Language: In English and Swahili with English subtitles.
Run Time: 57 Min.
Description: A comprehensive program about Third World debt and showing how secondhand clothes donated to charities in America eventually are sold in Zambia.
Genre: Documentary

Title: The comrade king (1990)
Format: VHS
Run Time: 46 Min
Description: Born to a long line of Tembu rulers, Sabata Dalindyebo ascended to the kingship of his people. During the struggle against apartheid, King Sabata spoke out against the oppression by black Transkei rulers, placed in positions of authority by the white apartheid regime. His resistance the Transkei government resulted in his exile to Zambia and membership in the African National Congress. His return to his homeland and reburial in Transkei marked a great occasion of emotional outpouring by his people.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Change (1990)
Format: VHS
Run Time: 35 Min.
Description: "Examines the profound effect of the economic collapse on the people of Zambia. The film centers on a bank in a small Zambian town, where tellers count out hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of kwachas without thinking twice"--Container.
Genre: Documentary

Title: The debt crisis: an African dilemma (1988)
Format: VHS
Run Time: 20 Min.
Description: Discusses the foreign debt crisis in Zambia and the economic decline that has cut its citizen’s standard of living by twenty-five percent the last decade.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Imiti Ikula (2001)
Format: VHS
Language: In Bemba and Nyanja with English subtitles.
Run Time: 26 min.
Description: Memory is one of the 75,000 street kids in Lusaka, most of them orphans due to AIDS. Although she is hard, streetwise and ready to fight she has her softer side which influences her daily living, like finding a way to watch the solar eclipse; getting her hair braided; cooking, singing and talking with her friends. She is a street child who fights for - and finds - her own identity and destiny. Vulnerable, yet strong, Memory is a compelling character.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Gräset sjunger = The grass is singing (1981)
Format: VHS (PAL)
Run Time: 102 min.
Description: The story of a desperately independent city-bred woman who gives up the comfort of her cosmopolitan life she’s accustomed to for the sake of her man and eventual husband. Joining her husband in the African countryside where he is trying to make his way, but is unprepared to deal with the reality of country living. Gradually farm life begins to unnverve her, and in a grippling series of events she loses her self-control and becomes sexually involved with another man.
Genre: Drama

Title: Their brothers’ keepers: orphaned by AIDS (2005)
Format: VHS
Rum Time: 56 min.
Description: Looks at two child-headed families living in Chazanga Compound, a shantytown in Lusaka, Zambia. Orphaned by AIDS, they must scramble for necessities and education. Local aid workers and the community try to help, but they also have meager resources. Includes excerpts from a speech given by Stephen Lewis, the UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.
Genre: Documentary

Title: The price of aid (2003)
Format: VHS
Language: In English, French and Bantu with English subtitles
Run Time: 55 min.
Description: Discusses U.S. donations of food for famine relief in foreign countries, through a case-study in Zambia, and the complex relationships between international aid, international media, American business and politics, and the impact on local agriculture, public health and international trade relations. Questions how America’s well-intentioned foreign-aid program has spawned a self-serving relationship between humanitarian aid and American business and politics.
Genre: Documentary