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What UI needs to know about the coronavirus

What UI Needs to Know about 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Don't spread rumors! Know the facts:

  • While many people are affected, it's currently less of a threat to the University of Iowa than the flu.
  • Most cases of infection have not resulted in death.
  • No one is more susceptible because of their ethnicity, and wearing a mask does not mean that someone is sick.

Discrimination based on perceived ethnicity or national origin does not protect against the virus, but it does greatly harm our Hawkeye community.  Jokes you think are harmless may be hurtful.

What can you do? 

  • Take general precautions like washing your hands regularly and staying home when you feel sick.
  • If you witness or experience an instance of hate, please report it at
  • If you or a friend are seeking support at this time, we encourage you to reach out to University Counseling Services at 319-335-7294 or to Student Care and Assistance at 319-335-1162 or

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  • 虽然许多人感染了此病毒,但对于爱荷华大学而言,该病毒的危害低于流感。
  • 大多数感染病例没有导致死亡。
  • 没有哪个种族更容易感染此病毒;戴口罩不代表生病。



  • 采取预防措施,比如经常洗手、生病时不要外出。
  • 如果目睹仇恨事件,请立即向InclusionTeam.uiowa.edu报告。
  • 如果你或朋友在此特殊时期需要支持,请联系学校心理咨询服务中心(电话:319-335-7294)或学生关怀与辅助中心(电话:319-335-1162;邮箱。

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