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Virtual Study Abroad Fair

Virtual study abroad fair September 13-16

Welcome to the University of Iowa Virtual Study Abroad Fall Fair!

September 13-16, 2021

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About the Fair

Now that international travel is starting to resume, it is a perfect time to begin planning your study, intern, or research abroad experience! 

Study Abroad will be hosting a Virtual Fall Fair featuring webinars about the numerous international opportunities available to University of Iowa students. 

Learn how study abroad fits into your major, about scholarships and grants, and much more.

Connect with study abroad advisors and get your questions answered.

How to Access

As the fair is over, presentations will be added below as they become available.

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Monday, September 13

Start Session Zoom Link 
10:00 AM College of Public Health
11:00 AM Tippie College of Busines
11:30 AM Scholarships & Financial Aid 
12:00 PM Psychology & Sociology I
12:30 PM What about my major? 
1:00 PM Journalism & Mass Communication
1:30 PM Global Internships I
2:00 PM English & English CW
2:30 PM Communication Studies
3:00 PM Asian Languages & Literature
3:30 PM UI Honors Program
4:30 PM Enterprise Leadership

Tuesday, September 14 

Start Session Zoom Link 
9:00 AM Global Internships II
9:30 AM Spanish I
10:00 AM International Relations & Political Science
10:30 AM English & English CW II
11:00 AM College of Engineering
11:30 AM Psychology & Sociology II
12:00 PM Scholarships & Financial Aid
12:30 PM STEM I
1:00 PM Greece: Origins of Humanistic Counseling
1:30 PM Communication Studies
2:00 PM French & Italian
2:30 PM Writing Greece: Art and History in a Mythic Land
3:00 PM What about my major? II
3:30 PM Health & Human Physiology
4:00 PM Tippie College of Business
4:30 PM City of Athens, Ancient Perspectives, Modern Eyes
5:00 PM Enviornmental Sciences & Sustainability

Wednesday, September 15

Start Session Zoom Link 
9:00 AM Fine Arts
9:30 AM Health & Human Physiology
10:00 AM U.S. Passport Session
10:30 AM What about my major? III
11:00 AM Anthropology & Ancient Civilization
11:30 AM Spanish II
12:00 PM Ethics & Public Policy
12:30 PM Scholarships & Financial Aid
1:00 PM College of Nursing
1:30 PM Russian
2:00 PM International Studies
2:30 PM Cultures of Spain
3:00 PM International Relations & Political Science
4:00 PM Iowa Hispanic Institute
4:30 PM Stanley & Fulbright
5:00 PM Irish Writing Program

Thursday, September 16

Start Session Zoom Link
9:30 AM IES Internships
10:00 AM USAC
11:00 AM IES
11:30 AM TEAN
12:00 PM CIEE
1:00 PM CEA
1:30 PM ACT
2:00 PM ISEP
2:30 PM Wells College
3:00 PM SIT
3:30 PM Univ. of Minnesota



UI Colleges & Departments

UI Faculty-Led Programs 

Global Internships

Affiliated Partners 

Finances & Travel Documents


Can't make your major session because of your class schedule? Look for the presentation after the fair.

Anthropology & Ancient Civilizations 

View anthropology and ancient civilizations recording

Asian Languages & Literatures

View Asian languages and literature recording


(See "UI Colleges and Departments")

Communication Studies



(See "UI Colleges and Departments")

English and English & Creative Writing 


Enterprise Leadership


Environmental Science & Sustainability


student "leaning" against  the leaning tower of Piza

Ethics and Public Policy


Fine Arts – Art, Cinema, Dance & Music


French & Italian Languages

View French & Italian recording

Health & Human Physiology


International Relations & Political Science

View international relations and political science recording

International Studies 


Journalism and Mass Communication



(See "UI Colleges and Departments")

Psychology & Sociology

View psychology and sociology recording

Public Health

(See "UI Colleges and Departments")

Russian Language

View Russian language recording

Spanish Language


STEM – Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics & Astronomy


What about my major? (Is your major not listed? Attend this session)



UI Colleges and Departments

Student in India, Taj Majal in background

CIMBA Italy 
CIMBA staff will provide details about their program located in Paderno del Grappa in the Veneto region of Italy. This program is a great fit for business and engineering students looking to earn University of Iowa academic credit while abroad. In this session students learn about course offerings, the CIMBA campus and housing, the leadership institute, excursions, and scholarships.


College of Engineering 
This session highlights study abroad programs that align well with various majors in the UI College of Engineering. By working closely with academic advisors in the College of Engineering’s Student Development Center and study abroad advisors in International Programs, UI engineering students can identify the best program to make progress toward their degree and achieve other personal and professional goals. UI engineering students can participate in study abroad programs during the winter, summer, fall, or spring terms in locations including Italy, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, and India. 


College of Nursing
During this session, Linda Myers, Academic Program Management Specialist, will discuss how studying abroad benefits nursing students. She will also discuss how nursing majors can make the high impact practice a reality during their time as a Hawkeye.  


College of Public Health 
Public health practitioners work locally and globally with communities to promote human wellness and prevent disease. In this session Sophie Switzer, assistant director of engaged learning and career preparation, will discuss how study abroad can fulfill public health major requirements.


Tippie College of Business
During this session, Stephanie Fountain, assistant director of international internships and education, will discuss the many opportunities Tippie students have to participate in experiences to satisfy the RISE requirement, expand their global perspectives, and grow their international network. These experiences include internships, study opportunities, and Tippie programs designed specifically for pre-business and business students. We will also review Tippie scholarships.


UI Honors
This interactive program will help Hawkeyes explore how and why study abroad can be part of their Honors at Iowa program. Andrew Willard, experiential learning director, and Holly Blosser Yoder, advising director, will discuss the requirements and options for earning honors experiential learning credit for study abroad.


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UI Faculty-Led Programs

City of Athens and Ancient Perspectives, Modern Eyes (Greece)
Join faculty-leader Dr. Deb Trusty to learn more about her two courses in Greece next summer. ‘City of Athens’ is a two-week exploration of the city that brings the art, archeology, and literature of Athenian culture to life and is open to undergraduates in all majors. ‘Ancient Perspectives, Modern Eyes’ is a longer program that includes the two-week City of Athens course, plus additional days exploring surrounding cities and sites to gain an even broader appreciation for the landscape, history, and significance of ancient Greece. The longer course is open Classics majors/minors and Honors students. 


Cultures of Spain (Spain) 
UI faculty leader Dr. Luis Martín-Estudillo will introduce Cultures of Spain, a four-week, English-taught study abroad program held in Madrid, Spain, during the summer. Students who participate in this study abroad program explore the cultural landscape of Spain through an interdisciplinary approach to its history, culture, and art. The program devotes the majority of class time to fields trips within Madrid and its neighboring regions and cities. Cultures of Spain is approved for the Spanish major or minor and fulfills the Values & Culture general education requirement.


Student in Australia throwing red sand in the air

Greece: Origins of Humanistic Psychology (Greece)
Faculty-leader Dr. Gerta Bardhoshi will talk about her 12-day course ‘The Origins of Humanistic Psychotherapy’ in Greece. Through physical exploration, reading, reflecting, and on-site lectures, students gain a deeper understanding of the culture in which humanism originated and the unique environmental factors that promote a humanistic worldview. Course includes Athens and surrounding sites, including the island of Hydra. Open to graduate students in mental health fields, as well as undergrads (sophomore+). 

View Greece: Origins of Humanistic Psychology presentation

Iowa Hispanic Institute (Spain) 
UI faculty leader Dr. Ana Rodríguez-Rodríguez will provide an overview of the Iowa Hispanic Institute, a six-week summer study abroad program designed to improve students' written and spoken Spanish and enhance their understanding of Spanish culture and life in Spain. Participants live with host families and take courses for five weeks in the city of Valladolid before embarking on one week of independent travel. This study abroad experience results in 7 s.h. for the Spanish major or minor.

View Iowa Hispanic Institute presentation

Irish Writing Program (Ireland) 
Faculty leader Professor Blaine Greteman will talk about the opportunity to participate in a six-week intensive creative writing experience that takes place in Dublin, Ireland. Program participants engage in a rigorous creative writing workshop and learn about modern Irish literature from local and regional faculty and professionals. This program is an ideal way for English and creative writing students to earn major credit while perfecting their craft over the summer.


Writing Greece: Art and History in a Mythic Land (Greece)
Join faculty-leader Dr. Harry Stecopoulos to learn more about his Creative Writing course in Greece. Students will visit ancient ruins, museums, and other sites, as well as learn about contemporary Greek life and the complicated relationship between past and present. Students will draw upon their experiences in Greece to generate original fiction and nonfiction. Open to undergraduates in all majors.  






Global Internships

Student sitting near water in Sydney, Australia

Global Internships Overview
This session presents the variety of credit-bearing programs available worldwide for global internships. Both onsite and virtual global internships are available through a selection of partners for the fall, spring, or summer. You will learn about the differences between the various internships programs and how to determine the best fit for your career goals and academic needs.

View global internships recording

IES Internships 
IES Internships operate with the belief that every student should have the opportunity to go abroad in a fun, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment. Their full-time summer internship programs in 12 locations worldwide create authentic global education and life-affirming experiences and allow students to earn academic credit. Their new Virtual Internship Program gives students the opportunity to gain international work experience in a more flexible and affordable way. IES actively recruits students from diverse populations and provides more than $6 million in scholarships each year. IES liaison Liz English will discuss internship opportunities and answer students' questions. 




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Affiliated Partners

Alex Bare in Bolivia with cactus behind him

ACT: American College of Thessaloniki (Greece) 
UI students can study abroad in Greece through ACT during fall, spring, academic year, and summer. ACT’s program is open to all majors but is a particularly good fit for business, computer science, English and creative writing, and psychology majors. ACT also offers many courses that satisfy UI general education course requirements. Vanessa Constantinidis from ACT will lead this session and share information about living in Thessaloniki, campus life, courses, scholarships, and field trips.

View ACT presentation


CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad) provides intensive and immersive study abroad programs. Kira Rysiewicz, CEA regional director, discussed their unique programs in Prague (Czech Republic) and Florence (Italy) that offer English-taught courses in art, business, law, math, engineering, computer science, history, film studies, political science, and economics. In addition, CEA has virtual internship opportunities with companies and organizations all over the world.



CIEE creates opportunities that bring people together to foster understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. They do so by offering programs worldwide in which students can study, research, volunteer, intern, and/or participate in a service-learning project. A CIEE representative will lead this session to discuss programs, available scholarships, and how UI students can incorporate a CIEE program into their college career.


IES Study Abroad 
IES Abroad believes that every student should have the opportunity to go abroad—especially in a fun, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment. On an IES Abroad program, students can enroll in courses at one of the IES Centers abroad, taking classes alongside students from all over the United States. Students also have the option to enroll in courses at a local university. IES Abroad’s programs take learning outside of the classroom with optional internships, service-learning placements, and course-related field trips. IES Abroad representative Susan Hansen will highlight IES Abroad programs open to UI students during the summer, fall or spring in Freiburg, Dublin, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Granada, London, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town.


“Live like a local.” This is ISEP’s (International Student Exchange Program) motto. Their mission as a nonprofit is to make study abroad accessible to all students, no matter what barriers they may face. Programs are available in 50+ countries worldwide for students to choose from. ISEP representative Bailey Kepford will lead this session and introduce their programs and benefits of going abroad with ISEP.


“Not Your Ordinary Study Abroad.” This is the motto and guiding principle for SIT’s study abroad programs. Shun Yanagishita and Blake Hart from SIT will explain what makes a SIT study abroad experience unique. They will discuss various program options and available scholarships for University of Iowa students.



Join Kate Hilby from TEAN (The Education Abroad Network) to discover the exciting opportunities available in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, or remotely, to intern or study abroad. Participants will learn about TEAN’s responsible study abroad programs throughout Asia Pacific, their step-by-step support, and TEAN’s global safety net.


University of Minnesota (France)
The University of Minnesota provides its own study abroad opportunity with an onsite location in Montpellier, France. This program focuses on French culture and French language acquisition. Students with more advanced language abilities also have the option of taking a wider variety of courses taught in French at the partner universities. The programs run in fall, spring, and summer. BJ Titus, Director of Institutional Relations, Diversity and Equity, at the University of Minnesota, will discuss this unique program in France.


This session allows participants to see why USAC considers itself a “Gateway to the World!” Courtney Bauman, USAC university relations coordinator, will discuss what sets USAC apart, the various programs USAC has for Hawkeyes, and USAC scholarships.


Wells College Florence: Lorenzo de Medici (Italy) 
The Wells College program in Florence, Italy, is available during the fall and spring semester and enables students to take classes at Lorenzo de Medici. It is open to all majors but is a particularly good fit for art history, studio art, business, English and creative writing, classics, communications, international relations, and political science majors. This program also offers many courses that satisfy UI general education course requirements. Anthony Mandela from Wells College will lead this session and present to Hawkeyes about living in Florence, campus life, housing options, courses, and field trips.


Finances & Travel Documents

U.S. Passport 
Join Teresa Kout, participant services specialist of Study Abroad, to find out more about what a passport is and why you need one. Teresa will also discuss which documents you will need to obtain your first passport and how to apply for it. 


Scholarships & Financial Aid 
How much does study abroad cost? By participating in this session, students learn what factors go into determining the cost of studying abroad and what funding is available to them. Teresa Kout, participant services specialist of Study Abroad, and Robert Upmeyer, assistant director of the Office of Student Financial Aid, discuss how federal financial aid and UI tuition scholarships can be used towards studying abroad. They also review the various scholarships and grants that are available specifically for UI students studying abroad.


Stanley & Fulbright Awards 
During this session, Dr. Karen Wachsmuth, associate director of international fellowships, will present opportunities for funding undergraduate and graduate language-focused study abroad, research and creative projects, and post-graduation global opportunities. Participants learn about the Stanley Awards for International Research, Boren Scholarships, Critical Language Scholarships, and Fulbright U.S. student awards. The University of Iowa has been a Top Producer of Fulbright Student Awards for the past 6 years and is currently ranked 12th in the nation. 


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