The University of Iowa

Virtual Homecoming Submissions

Hundreds of UI students study abroad each semester and thousands of UI alumni live all over the globe. For those that can’t make it back to campus to celebrate in person, Virtual Homecoming is a chance to keep the Hawkeye spirit alive abroad by sharing a homecoming message with the UI community, regardless of where you are in the world. Check out alumni below showing their school spirit from their corner of the globe!



"In 1964 and 1965 I spent the most fruitful 14 months of my life, with professors like Hunter Rouse, Louis Landweber, and Enzo Macagno, and the excellent practices and work in the IIHR towing tank. Their examples and teachings were very important in my academic and social life. Please receive my deep thanks for that experience. GO, HAWKEYES, GO!"

- Gabriel Echavez-Aldape, Mexico (hydroscience and engineering) 

"Missing Maclean Hall! Missing Old Capital Mall! Missing UI!  Go Hawkeyes, from Shanghai!"

- Fengfeng Xia, China (mathematics)

"Iowa and the UI taught me to stand up even if all things worked to make me lie down. With Love to you all."

- Loai Saadah, Jordan  (pharmacy)


"Shout out from Sydney! I miss Iowa’s summer: music, art, jazz, breeze... and catching Pokémon with friends!"

-Mingyi "Uni" Su, Australia (economics)

"Go Hawks! Hope to see you next year!"

-Wee Chong , Malaysia (statistics)


"Hello Hawkeyes! Greetings from Chad (Africa)! It’s beautiful during this time of  year! Enjoy the city, the place of creative writings... The farm and stay curious! Balance school work and entertainment! You got this! If you are in engineering (which is my field), don’t give up! Ask for help and succeed! All the best!"

-Fabienne Bertrand, Chad (civil and environmental engineering)  - Currently using my skills and knowledge to tackle water and sanitation problems  with UNICEF


"The University of Iowa was a door opener for all that came after. Keep up the good work."

- William Cline, Japan (linguistics) 


"The four years I spent at Iowa are the most important memory in my life. I miss everything and everyone there. Once a Hawkeye, forever a Hawkeye. Dreaming back, everyday."

-Tong Ge, China (psychology)


"Go Hawks!"

-Jiang Zhou, China (industrial engineering)