The University of Iowa

Virtual Homecoming 2017

Hundreds of UI students study abroad each semester and thousands of UI alumni live all over the globe. For those that can’t make it back to campus to celebrate in person, Virtual Homecoming is a chance to keep the Hawkeye spirit alive abroad by sharing a homecoming message with the UI community, regardless of where you are in the world. Check out alumni below showing their school spirit from their corner of the globe!


"No matter where we are now, we all once called UI home. Happy Homecoming!"
- Nattawut Leelakanok, Thailand



"Happy Homecoming Hawkeyes!! Fall on the University of Iowa campus was one of my favorite things about my time at U of I. Sending much love and support to the Hawks all the way from the Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Far from home, but always wearing Iowa gear and always remembering my roots!"
- Kimberly Melloy, United Arab Emirates 



"Shout out to all the Hawkeyes living in the United Kingdom and Europe! Also, special shout out to the 5 incoming freshmen from the UK who are starting their journeys at Iowa. Lastly, good luck to Iowa Swimming & Diving on your upcoming season!!"
- Alex Boyce, United Kingdom



"Greetings from Cairo, Egypt. Although it has been almost 42 years ago since I finished my Ph.D. from the UI, my wife and I still remember Homecoming days, with smiling crowds and yellow flowers. Go Hawkeyes."
- Ali Soliman, Egypt



"I hope all of my classmates have a great Homecoming experience. I think back with fondness about my time at Iowa. The spirit of the Iowa fans is truly something unique."
- DrewHoffman, New Zealand



"Iowa City is my second hometown. I miss Iowa so much!"
Zhenzhu Xu, China


"The Taiwan Alumni Association was so excited to watch the Hawkeye compete in baseball. All the UI alumni were shouting and screaming, waving the American flag, and holding a huge banner “Hawkeyes - Welcome to Taiwan.” Congratulations to the Hawkeyes for winning the silver medal ! I think that the alumni were even more excited than the Hawkeye team baseball players."
- Elizabeth Lamb, Taiwan


"When I first visited America after graduation, it was a 5-day visit for work I had to do in another state, Los Angeles, California. I added 11 days from my annual leave that year; 10 for visiting every corner in Iowa, my home state, and 1 for New York. I stood in Iowa with a heart full of love, mind of pride, and eyes of tears and pledged, 'Here I come back UIOWA, here I come back my home.'"
- Loai Saadah, United Arab Emirates


"Once a Hawkeye, forever a Hawkeye!"
- Tiannju Liu, China


"I miss Iowa so much! I would love to come back to the U.S. and celebrate with the Hawkeyes! Go Hawks!"
Cuiwen Huang, China



Happy homecoming Hawkeyes!! Enjoy the wonderful time as a student and being a Hawkeye! My time as a study abroad student in Rome has recently come in handy while traveling in Italy, and I still remember some Italian. Life at Iowa will stay with you forever so make the most of it!
- Laura Quinn, United Kingdom