The University of Iowa

Race and Ethnicity Abroad

In addition to the assistance that a study abroad advisor can provide, you can find several student reflections and staff perspectives from members of the University of Iowa community who have agreed to share their experiences in hopes that you might benefit from what they learned on their journeys abroad. 

Student Reflections

University of Iowa Resources

Below you will find a list of relevant UI links and external resources for diverse travelers. The resources include organizations, articles, success stories, and tips intended for diverse groups of students who would like more information about traveling abroad.

Office of Student Life Cultural Centers

Includes information about the University of Iowa Cultural Centers: Afro-American Center, Asian Pacific American Center, Latino Native American Center and LGBTQ Center.

Center for Diversity and Enrichment

The University of Iowa's center for students who are underrepresented in higher education offers a variety of services and resources.

National and International Resources

Diversity Abroad

Gives an overview of the importance of diversity in study abroad and shares perspectives from students on their study abroad experiences.


Links to organizations, resources, and scholarships that support academic advancement for underrepresented groups.

Black Life China

A resource for African Americans living or planning to live in China or anyone interested in the experiences of American minorities living in China.  Black Life China is also a platform for Black Americans to share their stories in their own voices about life in China.

Travel Noire

Cultivated insights from a global community of Black travelers.