The University of Iowa

Ethical Interactions Abroad

Whether you're going on a traditional study abroad program or an international service learning program, everyone can benefit from thinking a little about their personal code of ethics before departing. Below are some general resources to get you thinking about the impact you will have while you're abroad.

A Word about Health-Related Programs

Pre-health students and students seeking health-related service opportunities should take steps to safeguard their future professional reputation by following good practice standards that limit duties to those you are qualified to perform. For example, pre-med students are not qualified to practice medicine and should not participate in direct patient care. Students participating in health related experiences are encouraged to complete the Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (link is external) (GAPS) course free online through the University of Minnesota to help them evaluate their limits and role in the community they plan to serve.

Environmental Considerations

Check out the following websites for more suggestions on how you can help make your travels more environmentally friendly: