University of Iowa

Study Abroad Program Types

Program Types

University of Iowa Programs

These are programs either administered or vetted and contracted by UI Study Abroad or another UI academic division. Only UI programs will show up in the program search.

Non-University of Iowa Programs

Programs or providers not listed in the program search are unaffiliated. Unlisted programs have either not been evaluated by UI Study Abroad or they do not meet UI's academic, health, and safety standards. Students should proceed with caution and review UI Study Abroad resources for Ethics and Health and Safety. Before applying to any unaffiliated program, students must meet with a UI Study Abroad advisor to ensure credit will transfer back to UI.

Program Features

Affiliated Programs and Providers

Multidisciplinary programs offered worldwide through UI or a third party company, these programs are approved by the University of Iowa and operate with consideration for international education good practice standards. Local support is available on site.

UI Faculty-Led

Coordinated and led by UI faculty members, and primarily populated by UI students. These programs focus on a theme or a course offered in the faculty members' academic department and are ideal for participants wanting a highly structured program accompanied by UI faculty.

Experiential Learning

Learning is focused on experiences held outside a classroom setting. These can be stand-alone opportunities or a component of a larger study abroad program offering academic coursework.


Structured work experience, focused on strengthening skills and gaining new competencies. Work hours vary and most internships are accompanied by coursework, earning the participant credit and allowing them to use financial aid and scholarship to offset the cost of the program. Internships abroad are typically unpaid due to visa restrictions. Read more about internships abroad.


Direct experience applying content, ideas, and issues often discussed in a class (service-learning) through volunteering with a community organization. Participants are positioned as learners and local community members help train and educate them to complete specific, sustainable tasks. Students considering doing service abroad should review UI's resources for Ethics.


Opportunity to deepen student learning and develop solid investigative skills. Some research requires Institutional Review Board approval; participants conducting research abroad should review UI's resources for Ethics and Undergraduate Research Abroad.

Direct Enroll and Exchange

Participation in coursework alongside degree-seeking students from a host university. As an international student on a foreign campus, you will need to have a high level of independence and ability to self-advocate. Support on site from the host campus may be limited to regular office hours.