Absentee Voting

Don't forget to vote while you are overseas!  Your vote matters, so make sure it counts!

Below are two web links to help you request an absentee ballot.  The absentee voting process takes time and utilizes snail mail, so you need to start the process now in order to be sure your ballot reaches the US in time to be counted for any given election.

Virtually everything you would ever need to know about absentee voting is available at the US government's Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

The Overseas Vote Foundation's website is perhaps easier to navigate.  Use the "Register to Vote – Request your Ballot" feature.   The rest should be self-explanatory.  On this site, you can even join a "Youth Vote Overseas" Facebook group to exchange ideas about what's happening stateside as elections draws near.

Be a good global citizen and exercise your right to vote, no matter where you happen to be living.