The University of Iowa

Academic Issues While Abroad

How do I register for classes at the UI while abroad?

The procedure is basically the same as when you were physically at the UI. Check MyUI to see when you are scheduled to register. Before that date, take time to look at classes and see which ones you are interested in and which fit with your academic plan. Then, email your academic advisor to share your thoughts and to make sure you're on track. At this time, also ask for your registration codes. Then, register. Mark the date and time of your registration on your calendar and be sure to be near a computer when the big day comes!

Will grades from my study abroad program affect my GPA?

That depends. And the best answer is found on your Credit Approval Form, which you completed and filed in the Study Abroad office before you left. Hopefully you have made yourself a copy of that form and taken it with you overseas.

As a general rule, if you are on a UI program that is taught by a UI faculty member, you will receive U.S. letter grades. If you are on a non-UI program that is sponsored by an accredited U.S. college or university, you will probably received U.S. letter grades. If you are on a UI program that directly enrolls you in classes at our partner university, then our office generally does NOT convert foreign marks into U.S. letter grades and your GPA will not be affected.

How do I apply for graduation at the UI while abroad?

Make sure you've talked with your advisor about your study abroad transfer credits . Then, log into MyUI and go to Student Records - Student Life Management - Degree Application.


If you're graduating with honors, make sure to fill out the appropriate forms.

How do I find housing for next semester/year in Iowa City while I'm abroad?

If you're returning to Iowa City and plan to live off-campus, and need assistance in locating housing, we recommend you use UI Off Campus Housing Services.  

If you'd like to return to the UI dorms, visit the University Housing website. If you were living in the dorms previously, you should have already been in contact with them about the terms of your former contract - renew this conversation and then remember to register. Registration for the fall occurs during the previous fall and can be done online. Log into MyUI and go to Student Records - Student Life Management -Housing Application.

How do I start looking for a job while I'm abroad?

If you'd like to start looking for a job while you're abroad, you should contact the UI Pomerantz Career Center. You can speak with their advisors via email, and they have a online recruiting system that allows you to post your resume, even while you're overseas.