CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships communicated by Study Abroad

Students who participate in certain CIEE program locations, pre-determined by CIEE, may be eligible to receive a scholarship (CIEE CIC Partnership Scholarship). There is no application process nor published deadlines. Study Abroad Advisors will provide information during the advising process.

Only specific programs are eligible for this CIEE CIC Partnership Scholarship (not all programs are included in this scholarship; some cities host more than one program and not all may be eligible). 

Scholarships awarded directly through CIEE

There are also various scholarships/grants available to students who are participating in CIEE programs. As noted on the CIEE website, upon application to a CIEE program, participants should review various scholarship opportunities.  View information, eligibility and deadlines on CIEE, “Scholarships and Grants” and check box on the CIEE program application.