University of Iowa

The scholarships listed below are funded by the provider listed in the name of the award and are determined by the fulfillment of eligibility requirements. Some scholarships are available for specific locations within the program. Other awards (such as USAC Grant for Study Abroad) take into consideration financial need or merit and request information about both aspects on the application.

CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships

Students who participate in most CIEE program locations will be eligible to receive a scholarship of $1,500. There is no application process nor published deadlines. Study Abroad Advisors will provide information during the advising process.

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IES Public University Grants

All students participating in an IES Abroad academic-credit, semester-length program through the University of Iowa will receive an automatic $2,000 IES Abroad Grant.

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USAC Scholarships

USAC funding opportunities are available for students participating in a USAC program. The scholarships are awarded based on a diverse spectrum of criteria, ranging from academic merit, program location, first-generation status, and military service. 

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SIT Public University Scholarships

All University of Iowa students who are accepted to a SIT program will receive a $1,500 SIT Public University scholarship. In addition to this automatic award, SIT offers a broad range of awards including a Pell Grant Match to students who receive a federal Pell Grant.

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SIT Targeted Honors Scholarship

The SIT Targeted Honors Scholarship is applicable to all School for International Training (SIT) approved programs. SIT programs offer topical, field-based coursework with research and independent study opportunities, allowing students to pursue their own interests.

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Academic Year Freiburg (AYF) Alumni Club Scholarship

The US and German AYF Alumni Clubs are offering scholarships (US $500) to students participating in the Academic Year in Freiburg. Deadlines include program application by December 7, 2018, then scholarship application submission by March 15, 2019 to be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship application will include an application, two essays, and follow-up submission of thank you letter and attendance at alumni club events/activities during and after the study abroad experience to foster exchange between current students and alumni.

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