Program-Specific Awards


Scholarships included in this section of the website are funded by the provider listed in the name of the award, and are determined by the fulfillment of eligibility requirements. Some scholarships are available for specific locations within the program. Other awards (such as USAC Grant for Study Abroad) take into consideration financial need or merit and request information about both aspects on the application. 

General Eligibility

Each web page provides eligibility requirements (primary and additional), application details (if an application is needed), deadlines, and other pertinent information. The process of notification of award will also be included in each scholarship web page. It is important to submit complete applications by the stated deadline for consideration.

The primary eligibility factor in a Program-Specific scholarship is participation in the specific provider named in the award. For example, only students who are planning to study in a USAC program are able to submit the application for the USAC Grant for Study Abroad; CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships have the first eligibility factor of participating in a CIEE Program and so on.

There are also additional influencing specifics listed for various awards. The SIT CIC scholarship of $1,500 is available to all students who study through one of the SIT Study Abroad programs for a semester or summer session. The IES Public University Grant of $2,000 is awarded to students on a semester (only) IES program. The details for each of the Program-Specific awards is available on each web page in this section.

Other Opportunities

In addition to these scholarships for programs, all students studying abroad through a non-UI or affiliate program should review the provider’s website for other funding opportunities. Many of the programs offer scholarships and awards based only various factors, such as financial need, alumni participation (parent or sibling studied through their program), or other criteria. Not all programs will have this options, but it is well worth the time reviewing the websites.

More Information

Much of the detail of these scholarships is available on the corresponding web pages. When meeting with your Study Abroad Advisor they can provide additional information concerning these scholarships.