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Merit-Based Scholarships for Semester/Academic Year Study Abroad Programs

Below are a number of Study Abroad scholarships available to students participating in a semester or academic year length program. The scholarship application deadline for Spring 2019 is Thursday, October 25, 2018. Applicants for scholarships should review all requirements necessary prior to submission of applications, including eligibility, required components, deadlines, etc. Any incomplete applications or attempted submissions after the published deadlines will not be accepted. 

Merit-Based Awards

Bedell World Experience Asia Scholarship

The Bedell World Experience Asia Scholarship is available for an eligible undergraduate student wishing to study in a geographical area where Japanese, Chinese, or Korean is the primary language. This competitive, merit-based scholarship is designed for undergraduate students who are native residents of Iowa. In addition to the merit component, successful applicants will also show demonstrated financial need.

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International Student Study Abroad Scholarship

The International Student Scholarship will be awarded via a competitive, merit-based application process. Eligible students must participate in an approved study abroad program at an institution outside the United States but not in the student's home country.

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James L. and Rubie S. Watson Study Abroad Scholarship

James L. and Rubie S. Watson Study Abroad Scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students who study abroad in one or more of the following countries and territories: China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India. Students with diverse majors in a variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

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Joel D. and Sandra Barkan Scholarship

The Joel D. and Sandra Barkan Scholarship will be awarded to students who study abroad in various non-Western European geographical areas (also excluding Australia and New Zealand). Eligible undergraduate, full-time, degree-seeking students may be pursuing study abroad in countries including sub-Saharan Africa, Asia (including Central Asia), Latin America, and the Middle East (including North Africa).

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Naomi Gunderson Scholarship For Foreign Language Study Abroad

The Naomi Gunderson Scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate students who are committed to developing advanced language proficiency. Students must have completed at least one year of language study prior to the application deadline. 

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Richard J. Tyner Scholarship

The Richard J. Tyner Scholarship will provide competitive, merit-based scholarships for undergraduate students in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are pursuing a major in French, Italian, international relations, or political science. 

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Stanley Merit-Based Scholarship

The Stanley Merit-Based Scholarship is a competitive, merit-based scholarship designed for undergraduate students who will study abroad.

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Stuart A. Lundquist Memorial Fund Scholarship

This competitive, merit-based scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who is majoring in French and studying abroad for at least one semester. In addition to the merit component, successful applicants must also show demonstrated financial need.

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