Summer Hawk Tuition Grant III

Overview - updated 1/30/2018

The Summer Hawk Tuition Grant awards Iowa residents a scholarship to cover tuition charges for up to 6 s.h. maximum* during one summer session at UI. Transfer students are not eligible for this Summer Hawk Tuition Grant. The value of this award depends on the actual semester hours for which a student enrolls during one single summer session (within four years of admission, including the summer following the fourth year). Non-residents students registered for more than 4 s.h. will be charged the difference between the resident and non-resident tuition. (Non-residents are already charged the resident tuition rate if taking 4 or fewer s.h.)

*Note: This 6 s.h. change is a reduction from the original program, based on a review of student usage of the first three years of the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant program. 

Summer Hawk Tuition Grant and Study Abroad

Students utilizing the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant are still responsible for all mandatory fees, course fees, and miscellaneous fees associated with Summer Session enrollment. Please note: the grant does not cover all study abroad, internships, or other programs IF a fee is paid to an outside entity (even if that fee is labeled as tuition). For a study abroad program to qualify for the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant, it must be a reciprocal exchange program (enrolled in a foreign university while paying Iowa tuition and fees). Search for reciprocal exchange programs. Using the reciprocal exchange program search engine will be a good starting point when investigating study abroad options.

Examples of Reciprocal Exchange Options

The possible options for eligible reciprocal exchange programs include reciprocal exchanges in Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, The Netherlands. It is very important that you work closely with a Study Abroad Advisor well in advance of the summer session when you plan to use the grant. Also keep in mind that, for reciprocal exchange programs that qualify, the grant covers resident tuition only and not other fees (such as housing, travel, miscellaneous expenses) associated with the program.

Because the number of study abroad programs that qualify for the grant is very limited, students may wish to consider using the grant to take academic courses at Iowa during a summer in order to free up a fall or spring semester or academic year for study abroad. In addition, participating in an approved study abroad program during fall or spring semester will count as being enrolled in order to qualify for the grant the following summer.

Application - Summer 2018 - final time available to eligible students 

See application on MyUI student portal; information requested will include:

  • Name, year in school, major, college, course intention, reason for request of Summer Hawk Tuition Grant
  • Checkbox: "I take responsibility for making sure these classes will count for my graduation."
  • Note: This information will help plans for summer sessions (i.e., optimize offerings to increase average section enrollments).

The Summer Hawk Tuition Grant is offered to first-year, first-time students entering the University of Iowa as of Summer 2013. Students who meet this eligibility requirement are automatically eligible for this grant as shown on the MyUI Student Portal. Confirm your eligibility for this grant with your Study Abroad Advisor. 

For More Information

For students meeting all eligibility factors, this grant can be used only during one summer, for up to 6 s.h. maximum*. Refer to the links in the FAQ's for questions related to those specific topics. For questions about how to build summer courses into your plan of study contact your advisor. If you have additional questions concerning the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant, contact the Academic Advising Center; regarding incorporating a Study Abroad program into your academic career, contact Study Abroad.