SIT Program Scholarships


A number of funding opportunities exist for students participating in a SIT program, through Study Abroad and SIT directly. 

All University of Iowa students who study abroad on a semester- or academic-year length SIT program will be eligible to receive SIT CIC $1,500 Scholarship (no application required).

The SIT Targeted Honors Scholarship is a competitive award and applicable all SIT-approved programs and sessions - summer and semester. The specific eligibility requirements, scholarship application, and deadline information are provided in Undergraduate Scholarships: Semester/Academic Year and Summer/Short-Term sections.

In addition, SIT offers other funding opportunities for students (see SIT website for specific guidelines and eligibility factors):

  • Federal Pell Grant matching program funds
  • General scholarship funds

Total SIT awards cannot exceed $5,000/student/semester or $3,000/student/summer session. In addition to SIT-sponsored funding, students are encouraged to apply for other Study Abroad grants, federal financial aid, and applicable UI scholarships.