Iowa Abroad Scholarship


This scholarship, for undergraduate, full-time, degree-seeking Iowa residents who are first-year students at Iowa in summer 2015 or after. Students who meet these eligibility requirements and are enrolled in an approved ABRD:XXXX Study Abroad program can elect to receive this scholarship.

Award Amount


Eligibility  Requirements

Students may use this scholarship at any point in their UI undergraduate career, after completion at least 24 semester hours of credit at the University of Iowa; must participate in an approved study abroad program worth at least 3 semester hours of credit. 


None. First-year, first-time students admitted for summer 2015 or after will be able to elect to receive this scholarship following completed registration in an approved study abroad program. All study abroad must be completed prior to receiving an undergraduate degree. Eligibility status will be available on the student's MyUI Student Portal under the Financial Aid tile. The status, or reasons detailing ineligibility, will be listed on the Iowa Abroad Scholarship screen. No application is required, however eligible student must elect to use this scholarship on the MyUI link.


This is a non-renewable, one-time award for students in an approved ABRD:XXXX study abroad program.

All students must meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to ensure all requirements for the academic program are met prior to embarking on any study abroad. The Study Abroad Office is located in UI International Programs at 1111 University Capitol Centre, Iowa City, IA, (319) 335-0353.