Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship and Other Dedicated Scholarships

Created in 2010 to expand access to study abroad, the Fund for Education Abroad scholarship seeks to diversify the pool of students who study abroad. To more closely reflect the US demographics, this scholarship attempts to award students who are underrepresented in study abroad and/or are planning to participate in programs in non-traditional locations.

Award Amounts

  • Academic Year – up to $10,000
  • Fall or Spring Semester – up to $5,000
  • Summer session (prorated by number of weeks) minimum $1,250


Online application instructions are available on the Fund for Education Abroad website.

2018-2019 Application Cycle (Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Academic Year 2018-19)

  • Application opens mid-November (actual date will be posted when available)
  • Application closes mid-January 2018 (actual date will be posted when available)

Application Components

  • Application form (found online on Fund for Education Abroad website)
  • Financial Aid form (requires input from financial aid office)
  • Faculty recommendation letter (maximum of one)

Eligibility Requirements

  • US citizen/permanent US residents
  • Full-time Undergraduate in good academic standing
  • Participating in academic credit-bearing study abroad program lasting more than 4 weeks (30 days)
  • In addition to eligibility requirements, a number of preferences can also be taken into consideration:
  • Academically rigorous and immersive study abroad program
  • Study of host country language (if not English)
  • Non-traditional destination
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Representation in a group traditionally underrepresented in education abroad (those groups include the following, but are not limited to this list)
  • Minority students
  • First-generation college students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Student athletes
  • Veterans
  • Returning learners

Other Dedicated Scholarships

In addition to the Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship, other Dedicated Scholarships are available through this website. Some of these Dedicated Scholarships are listed below (not a complete list – see website for all available categories and specific details):

  • Athletes Abroad Scholarship (student athlete – club, intramural, varsity)
  • Hiliary Echo Douglas Memorial Scholarship (study in Vietnam or other Southeast Asian culture)
  • Jane Gluckmann & Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship (Mexico, Central America, South America, France or Germany)
  • Rainbow Scholarship (LGBTQI student)
  • STA Travel Start the Adventure Scholarship (summer session)