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Prepare to Study Abroad

Visit the preparation section for helpful tips on travel, money, and communication.

Don’t forget to educate yourself.  Read up on the history, politics, economics, and culture of the place(s) you’re going.

Look into co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities at the university you will be attending and in the city where you will be living. Many student governments at foreign universities are stronger than what you may find at home, and clubs and organizations tend to be popular and centered around a large variety of interests. You may find an athletic club or a debate team, or a group of people who want to immerse themselves in the culture of the society around them, going to plays and restaurants together. Or you may want to volunteer your time to humanitarian organizations. Consider what you would most like to do with your time outside of class and start looking!

Talk with former participants and students from the country where you are going.

Attend your program’s pre-departure orientation meeting and the Tips for Students Traveling Abroad workshop offered each semester.