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Meet With Your Advisor

Meeting with your advisors and involving them in the program selection and planning processes is essential to your success.  Study abroad advisors will help you find a program and guide you through the processes of preparation and paperwork. Your academic advisor will help make sure the credit you earn abroad will transfer toward your degree requirements. This step of the process may take more than one meeting with each advisor, but the better prepared you are for your meetings, the more efficient and less time-consuming they will be.

Meet With A Study Abroad advisor

This is a critical step

Meeting with advisors will help you select a program, possibly introducing you to programs and opportunities you did not know about. You don’t need to have a program already picked out before you meet with a study abroad advisor, but the more information you have about the handful of programs you’re interested in, the more able your advisor will be to help you make a decision.

What advisors do

The advisor’s job is to explain the application, acceptance, preparation, and departure phases of your experience, as well as to answer any questions you may have. They have visited many study abroad programs and they can give you valuable information not contained in program brochures.

Make an appointment

Once you have visited the Study Abroad office and have collected information about several programs, it is time to consult with a study abroad advisor. Schedule an appointment in advance (via our receptionist at 335-0353).

Come prepared for your meeting. Bring your research notes and questions about the programs you are considering.

Credit Approval Form

Once you have done your homework and consulted with a professional advisor in the Study Abroad office about program options, you can apply to the program of your choice. Simultaneously, you will obtain a Credit Approval Form from your study abroad advisor to be completed with your academic advisor.

Meet With Your Academic advisor

You should be aware that the application of credits toward major requirements is a departmental decision. We strongly encourage you to consult with your academic advisor(s) as part of the program selection process.

When you meet with your academic advisor, be sure to take your notes about the different programs you are exploring.  Also take information and any forms you may have received from your study abroad advisor, including the Study Abroad Credit Approval Form.

Then you're ready to apply.