The AYF Alumni Club offers multiple scholarships through its U.S. and German chapters, using a joint application process. These groups expect to award 2-4 scholarships annually to participants in the Academic Year in Freiburg study abroad program administered by International Academic Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (the “AYF Program”), subject to availability of funds.

Scholarships offered

  1. The Francis G. and Edda S. Gentry Scholarship funded by the AYF Alumni Association, Inc. (the American chapter of the alumni club) is a one-time grant of US$500. More than one may be awarded.
  2. The AYF Alumni & Friends Scholarship funded by the AYF Alumni & Friends e.V. (the German chapter of the alumni club) is a one-time grant of US$500. More than one may be awarded.

Application process

Completed scholarship applications must be submitted March 15, 2019. The applicant must have completed an AYF Program application by the priority deadline of December 7, 2018. To apply, please submit your responses to the below questions to the Study Abroad front desk by the scholarship deadline listed above.

Selection criteria

A mandatory essay explaining the student’s academic, personal, and career goals in participating in the AYF Program will form the main basis of selection. Additional consideration may also be given to applicants who demonstrate special need, show past academic achievement and complete applications to the AYF Program by the early application deadline.

Award information

Applicants will automatically be considered for all scholarships offered by the AYF alumni affiliates, but each applicant may receive only one award.

Eligibility criteria

Applicant must be a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate at the UI, and must commence participation in the AYF Program in Freiburg before receipt of the award. Recipients will be required to submit a thank-you letter to the donor and/or honorees of named scholarships and will be required to attend alumni club events and activities during and after the study abroad experience, to help foster the exchange between current students and alumni.