The University of Iowa

Key Resources

The application process for students seeking international grants, scholarships, and fellowships can seem overwhelming, but there are many on-campus resources available for you!

UI Grants Faculty Mentors and International Research Connections

Many faculty at the University of Iowa have done specialized research on a particular country or international topic and have international connections. These connections may help you with application components such as letter of affiliations, language training, and even proposals. These faculty have offered to help students with international connections. Look through our UI Grants Faculty Mentors and International Research Connections database to find faculty with international research interests who can help you!

Grant Proposal Library

View winning essays for various grants from UI students at the International Programs Proposal Library. Your Hawk ID is required to view essays. Samples of successful essays are also available in hard copies at Academic Programs and Services, International Programs, 1111 UCC.

On-Campus Resources

The University of Iowa has many different resources for students who seek to build their resume with leadership, service, teaching/tutoring, and to improve their writing skills. These resources include: writing centers, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities. Don’t forget to use these sources readily available to you!

Foreign Language Resources

Often for competitive external and UI internal funding international opportunities abroad, a language component is required. Students may take language courses to assist with this condition, however some might want more practice or find out their language of interest is not taught at the university. These Foreign Language Resources will help you find language classes, language partners and tutors, and faculty evaluators.

Sign Up for IP Grants Announcements

If you are interested in learning about different international funding options or events hosted by International Programs such as workshops or panels, join the listserv for International Program Grants Announcements.

University of Iowa Institutional Review Board (IRB) Information

Some research projects, involving human subjects, require approval from the University of Iowa's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Mandatory International Travel Insurance

While traveling with any University of Iowa program, students must register for international travel insurance through International Programs.