The University of Iowa

Stanley Undergraduate Awards: 2021

Sarah Luke
Global Health Studies, Microbiology
Destination: India
Project Title: Analysis of the Palliative Care Models of Non-governmental Organizations in India

Palliative care provision is a growing issue in India. A majority of the Indian population with chronic, terminal, or life-limiting diseases live in a persistent state of pain and suffering.  Palliative care is a specialized form of medicine focusing on symptom alleviation for those with serious illnesses.  Although there is much academic literature regarding inequalities in palliative care access, stemming from a lack of health infrastructure and a national-level policy, more information is necessary on the organizations that have arisen to combat these disparities.  In particular, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an essential role in providing palliative care to many Indians.  I am seeking a Stanley Undergraduate Award for International Research to examine and record the innovative palliative care models of NGOs located in India.  I have chosen India as the location of this research because of my experience as an intern with the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movements (SVYM) palliative care program in the summer of 2020.  Their innovative palliative care model sparked a curiosity about how other NGOs deliver care to their communities.  Ideally, I will examine three NGOs in this study, including SVYM. Research will be conducted from June 27th - August 8th and NGOs will be contacted prior to the start date to ensure participants.  Remote interviews via video conferencing software and email correspondence with staff from each NGOs palliative care program will be the main mode for data collection.  The purpose of this study is to document and analyze the models of palliative care of NGOs in India. 

Camellia Pham
Comparative Literature, Chinese
Destination: Vietnam, China
Project Title: Antiquated Past and Storm-Tossed Modernity: The Age of “Literary Enlightenment” in Colonial Vietnam and Post-Qing China

I am seeking a Stanley Undergraduate Award for International Research, from May 31, 2021, to August 30, 2021, to conduct a comparative analysis of 19th century to 20th century literary modernization under imperialism in Vietnam and China. After a thousand years of Chinese domination, Vietnam continued to withstand French colonization. Simultaneously, China endured multiple foreign incursions, from Great Britain’s Opium War to the May Fourth Movement as backlash of Japan’s imperialist mistreatment. These Western imperial forces triggered a struggle of Chinese and Vietnamese intellectuals seeking national independence through literature. Thus, two parallel literary processes of modernization emerged in both nations to reconcile the clash between Eastern and Western values. Intelligentsia attempted to change writing systems and liberate from traditional literature styles, while still keeping the national ideologies that resisted occupation. I will compare how modernizing languages and literatures helped Vietnam and China revolt against foreign occupation, culturally reformed public literacy, and shaped the national identity crisis. By investigating four periodicals and translating texts, I will reveal how modernization initiated a new era of literature in China and Vietnam. My findings will contribute to my honors thesis in Comparative Literature and serve as the basis of my Ph.D. program application. This research will result in a scholarly 20-page paper for journal submission and a designed poster for a research fair.