The University of Iowa

Stanley Undergraduate Awards: 2016 winners

In the spring of 2016, two undergraduate students received Stanley Awards worth $2,500 each for a total of $5,000 awarded. The recipients and their project summaries are listed below. 

Victoria Mertens
B.A., Health and Human Physiology
Destination: Tasmania
Project Title: Examining the perceptions of mental health by Tasmanian University students
For my Stanley Research Project I will interview students at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) on their perceptions of mental health. Following the January launch of Rethink Mental Health, a 10 year plan to improve mental health and well-being of Tasmanians, my research will explore healthcare providers’ and students’ narratives of mental health. Narrative interview methodologies are an open narration of participant stories. These allow me as a researcher to identify themes, cause and effect, and the overall structure of personal narratives to illuminate students’ perceptions of mental health. This research project integrates my undergraduate studies, Health and Human Physiology and Writing and will be important to me to understand a research career in these disciplines. Once complete, the data itself will be used as foreign data in a research project focused on defining mental health cross-culturally.

Torrey Puncochar
B.A., Interdepartmental Studies (Health Science)
Destination: Greece
Project Title: The Impact of the Economic Depression on the Practice of Retail Pharmacy in Thessaloniki, Greece
Greece is in an economic crisis and policy changes are being implemented affecting businesses across the country including retail pharmacies. Policies are changing to build stronger businesses however they are disrupting how a pharmacist provides patient care. I will travel to Thessaloniki, Greece for five weeks in the summer of 2016 to observe and interview pharmacists from five different retail pharmacies. I will evaluate how pharmacists in Greece provide individualized patient care, education, and medication. By interviewing and observing pharmacists, I will investigate how policy and economic changes are impacting the healthcare services that pharmacies provide to patients.