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"Energy and Global Health on a Sick Planet"

(Preliminary Schedule)

Friday Oct 5

3:00 Welcome & Opening Comments. Prof. Jerry Schnoor Director CGRER UI
Orientation: The meaning of energy.  View "Washing Machine" (Hans Roling, 15 minutes)
3:30 Keynote: "Balancing Global Energy Needs with Health and Environment Needs"
Prof. Tracy Bach, JD Vermont Law School
4:00 Audience Interaction

First Plenary: "Exploring Health Risks of Key Global Energy Sources Using A Life Cycle Analysis"
Moderator: Dr. Maureen McCue

Coal’s Assault on Human Health
   - Dr. Alan Lockwood
Health Risks Nuclear Life Cycle
   - Dr. Jeff Patterson
Fracking for Natural Gas & Health
   - Dr. Poune Saberi

5:15 Audience Interaction Q & A
6:00  Dinner & Table Talk
7:00 Begin viewing "YERT" (Edited to 90 minutes, break twice for discussion)
9:00 Conclude day

Saturday Oct 6


Plenary Panel #2: "Driving Poor Health--Hidden Actors in the Global Energy Scramble"
Moderator: TBA

Militarism: Energy Security or Energy Sink
   - Greg Foster, National Defense U
Consumption & Materials Economy: Energy Base
   - Bret Clark PhD Sociologist NC
Industrial Agriculture Addicted to Energy
   - Denise O’Brien, Iowa Farmer, Global Women's rights activist

10:00 Audience Interaction Q & A
10:30 Break

Plenary Panel #3: "Energy Inequity: Invisible, Vulnerable and Powerless Victims"
Moderator: Prof Anne Wallis

Women’s Work & Health in 3rd World Kitchens
   - Dr. R. Balasubramaniam
The “Resource Curse:” Health Impacts on  Indigenous Peoples Around the World
   - Elsa Johnson, Native American Humanitarian / Environmental Advocate
The World’s Children, Growing Up Sick
   - Dr. Yolanda Whyte

11:45 Audience Interaction Q & A
12:15 Lunch, provided

Colloquium #1 Case Studies: Perspectives on Energy from the Global South: How do India, China, various African Countries line up? Exploring some local solutions to local challenges:

Micro credit to generate small scale power
   - Hemali Batra, others TBA
Cooking (developing smokeless chulas, etc.)
   - Craig Just, Sharon Sanghez, Allison Kindig
Storing captured energy in novel arrangements (methane digesters, etc.)
   - Emily Monroe Lindsay Fox, others TBA
Hydropower Dams Potentials & Realities for Populations & Environments.
   - Dr. Balu and others TBA

2:00 Move to Second Breakout

Colloquium #2 Case Studies: Challenging the Energy Status Quo in the US & Iowa

Coal in Iowa
   - Dr. McCue, Zach Carter. Student Sierra Club, Ingrid Belding Iowa PSR
Petroleum, Electric Vehicles, Mass Transit
   - Prof. Tyler Priest (new history faculty who worked on gulf oil spill) Others TBA
Iowa’s Biomass - Myth & Reality
   - Prof. Jerry Schnoor Director CGRER UI
Industry, Energy and Health in Muscatine
   - Jessica Brackett ED CLAM
Updates from Japan’s Fukushima Disaster Reflections in Iowa
   - Dr. John Rachow

3:00 Break
3:15 Reports from Breakouts (5 minute summaries of high points discussed in each)

Plenary Panel #4 "Back to the Future–Assessing Obstacles, and Myths tethering humanity to dangerous, dirty, unhealthy energy sources."
Moderator: Lisa Skemp

The Baseload Myth, Breaking Free
   - Arjun Makhijani Founder Director IEER
The Idealized World for Nuclear Power--India?
   - Dr. R. Balasubramaniam "Balu"

4:45 Audience Interaction Q & A
5:00 Adjourn for Day

Sunday Oct 7

9:30 2nd Keynote: Energy Solutions--Constraining Impacts, Improving Global Health:  Lessons from Germany and elsewhere.  Arne Jungjohann, Director for the Environment and Global Dialogue Program, Heinrich Boell Foundation
10:00 Audience Interaction Q & A

Plenary Panel #5 "Transitioning to Iowa’s Future: Finding Energy Balance to Secure the Present and Save the Future–Getting from Here to There in Time and in Good Health"
Moderator: Prof Chris Squier

Iowa’s Sunny Resources
   - Tim Dwight I-Solar & Barry Shear CEO Eagle Point Solar
Energy Plan For a Healthy Iowa: Creating the roadmap, Finding the Resources, Creating Consensus
   - Senators Rob Hogg and Joe Bolkcom

11:15 Audience Interaction Q & A

 Colloquium #3:  Solutions for Iowa and Beyond

Student panel re. Some of the solutions they are working on in Iowa and globally.
   - Prof. Craig Just, Louis Livingstone; Stephanie Lane
The Vision: Renewable Energy Jobs 2020
   - Senators Rob Hogg & Joe Bolkcom, Zach Carter and Ingrid Belding
Turning on the Sun in Iowa
   - Tim Dwight & Barry Shear
Capturing More of Iowa’s Wind
   - Rick Olesen and Dr. Maureen McCue

12:25 Reconvene for final comments from breakouts and audience.
12:45 Conference Concludes. Adjourn


Principle Goal for Each Plenary:
1.  Explore the Life Cycle & Highlight Hidden Health Impacts of Common Forms of Energy
2.  Challenge the Assumptions Underlying Needs for Ever More Energy
3.  Uncover Those Bearing a Disproportionate Burden of Illness for Modern Energy Choices
4.  Identify Roadblocks to Moving from Dirty to Cleaner Energy Sources
5.  Outline A Roadmap to Cleaner Healthier Sources of Energy for Iowa and Elsewhere

Principle Goal for Each Symposium of Case Studies:
1.  Explore Some of the Energy Lessons/Solutions to be Learned from the Global South
2.  Who is Challenging What Energy Arrangements Where With What Success
3.  Learning from and Building on Existing Successes

(?) = Unconfirmed Speakers or Participants