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Health as Human Right

Poverty and the Modern Welfare State

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Usha Balakrishnan

President & CEO, CARTHA
Phone: 319-248-9625
Email (mailto:
Lecture: Collaborative Doers in Global Health Technology Transfer Partnerships
General information on CARTHA's vision, program portfolio, and pilot initiatives are posted at

Surveying the need for "Technology Management for Global Health" training programs, by Balakrishnan, Troyer, and Brands, Journal of the Association of University Technology Managers, 18 (2006): 53-68.  Article is accessible at under Publications.

For an expansive overview of global health issues and specific grant-making programs of philanthropies, please refer to the websites of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (, the Rockefeller Foundation ( and the philanthropy arm of Google at

The Challenge of Global Health, by Laurie Garrett in the Foreign Affairs Journal, January/February 2007.

Christiana Bastos


International Responses to AIDS


A critical analysis of the Brazilian response to HIV-AIDS
The Politics of AIDS
The Activist State; Global Pharmaceutical, AIDS, and Citizenship in Brazil

Douglas E. Beardsley, MPH, CPHA

Director of the Johnson County (Iowa) Public Health Department


Prevention is Primary (Table of Contents)
Prevention is Primary (Chapter 1)
Future of Public Health in the 21st Century

Stephen Bezruchka

School of Public Health and Community Medicine, U of Washington  
Email (


Determinants of Global Population Health and Development


Bezruchka, S., T. Namekata, et al. (forthcoming 2008). "Improving Economic Equality and Health: the Case of Postwar Japan." American Journal of Public Health 98(4): 216-221. This should be in the April issue available before the conference.

Bezruchka, S. (2006). Chapter 1: Epidemiological Approaches. Staying Alive: Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Health Care. D. Raphael, T. Bryant and M. Rioux. Toronto, Canadian Scholars' Press: 13-33.

Bezruchka, S. and M. A. Mercer (2004). The Lethal Divide: How Economic InequalityAffects Health. Sickness and Wealth: The Corporate Assault on Global Health. M. Fort, M. A. Mercer and O. Gish. Boston, South End Press: 11-18.

Bezruchka, S. (2000). Is Globalization Dangerous to Our Health? West. Jr. Med. 172: 332-334.

Heather Byers


Doing Good While Living Well


Sustainable Microfinance for Women

Colin Gordon

Email (


The lost reform: six lessons from a long history


Health Care Reform and Social Movements in the United States

The Moral-Hazard Myth

Myths as Barriers to Health Care Reform in the United States

Gabriel Gulis

Unit for Health Promotion Research, Institute of Public Health of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark
Email ( )


Measuring Health around the World


Cole BL, Fielding JE: Health impact assessment: A tool to help policy makers understand health beyond health care. Ann. Rev. Public Health 2007; 28: 393-412.

McKee M: Solidarity in a unified Europe, European Journal of Public Health 2008; 18(1): 2-4.

David Legge


Health and globalization; a global social movements approach


Final Report of the Globalization Knowledge Network of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health

United Nations (2006) World Economic and Social Survey 2006: Diverging Growth and Development

Joseph Stiglitz (2006) Making Globalization Work. Norton: New York

Howard Waitzkin

Distinguished Professor, Departments of Sociology, Family and Community Medicine, and Internal Medicine, University of New Mexico.
Email (


Cautionary Tales: Exporting Managed Care


Global Trade and Public Health; Ellen R. Shaffer, Howard Waitzkin. Joseph Brenner and Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar, Am J Public Health. 95:23-34, 2005.

Global trade, public health, and health services: Stakeholders’constructions of the key issues; Howard Waitzkin_, Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar, Angela Landwehr, Carolyn Mountain. Social Science & Medicine 61, 893–906; 2005.

Global Trade And Public Health; Howard Waitzkin, Letter. Am J  Public Health, Vol 95, No. 2, 192,  2005.

Miles Weinberger

Professor, Pediatrics,  University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Email (


Fragmented Insurance Versus A Universal Plan –Economics of U.S. Health Care


Dead on Arrival: The Politics of Health Care in Twentieth-Century America. Colin Gordon. Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ, 2003.

Health Care Meltdown. Robert H LeBow, MD, revised and updated by C. Rocky White, MD. Alan C Hood & Company Inc, Chambersburg PA, 2007.

Joseph White PhD

Luxenberg Family Professor of Public Policy and Chair
Department of Political Science; Director, Center for Policy Studies
Case Western Reserve University
Email: (


Is there an international standard in health care policy?