The University of Iowa

South Asian Studies Lecture Series

This event is sponsored by UI International Programs and the South Asian Studies Program (SASP)

Redefining Reservations in India: Gender and Strategies for Dalit, Other Backwards Class and Women's Representation in Elections

Date: March 8
Presenter: Wendy Singer, NEH Professor of South Asian History and Global Migrations
Director of International Studies - Kenyon College

Nuns at the Stupas: What Inscriptions Reveal About How Buddhist Nuns in Ancient India Were Regarded y Others and How They Saw Themselves

Date: April 12
Presenter: Nancy Barnes

Towards a History of the National Archives in India

Date: April 19
Presenter: Dipesh Chakrabarty, Professor in History, South Asian Languages, and Civilizations at the University of Chicago

Organizational Meeting

Date: September 13
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Bissu: A Duel in the Hills (2002); 30 minutes, English and subtitles

Date: September 20
Presenter: Anup Kumar, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Iowa
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

An Orientalist Lost and Found: F.W. Ellis and the Dravidian Language Family

Date: September 27
Presenter: Thomas R. Trautmann, Marshall D. Sahlins Collegiate Professor of History and Anthropology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Sponsor: South Asian Studies Program and International Programs
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Purdah as Pathology: Medical Research and Reproductive Health in Early 20th Century India

Date: October 4
Presenter: Maneesha Lal, History and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)


Date: October 18
Presenter: Kiran Nagarkar, International Writing Program, University of Iowa
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Reality in Fiction: The Presumed Innocence of Writers and Readers

Date: October 25
Presenter: Kavery Namibsam, International Writing Program, University of Iowa
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Death and the Subaltern

Date: October 26
Presenter: Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, English, New York University
Location: Gerber Lounge

Learning About Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship: A Tamil Nadu, India Experience

Date: November 1  
Presenter: Ed Brands and Raj Rajagopal, Geography, University of Iowa
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Between Charity and Rights: Orphans and Philanthropy in New Delhi

Date: November 15
Presenter: Erica Bornstein, Anthropology, UW-Milwaukee
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)

Discussion of “The Clash Within” by Martha Nussbaum

Date: November 29
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC

SASP Meeting

Date: December 6
Location: IP Commons (1117 UCC)