The University of Iowa

Michael Sakamoto
Michael Sakamoto is an assistant professor in dance whose scholar-artist works have been performed and exhibited in fourteen countries worldwide and published in national and international academic journals. His interdisciplinary research integrates dance, theatre, photography, cinema, performance studies, and cultural studies through the philosophical lens of the “body in crisis” concept central to butoh dance. Michael’s current performances include the dance theater works, “Soil,” and “Flash,” both touring nationally. His photo projects include “My Kamaitachi,” a postmodern examination of the classic butoh dance photo essay, “Kamaitachi,” and “Martha/Jesse,” a collaboration with dancer Jesse Factor tracing legendary choreographer Martha Graham’s corporeal-visual style in an early 21st century queer male body. Michael is also working on the book project, “An Empty Room: Butoh Performance and the Social Body in Crisis,” for Wesleyan University Press. Read about his fieldwork in Japan last winter.