The University of Iowa

Fall 2006 Events

Baraza: African Studies Program Seminar Opening Lecture

Date: September 18
Presenter: Charles W. Abbott
Affiliation: Department of Geography, University of Iowa

Baraza: Festival of the Dhow Countries: Zanzibar's Success as a Transnational Film Festival

Date: September 25
Presenter: Marie Kruger, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, shared observations from her attendance at the Zanzibar Film Festival (July 2006). The Festival of the Dhow Countries² has had increasing success in promoting feature and documentary films from those countries historically involved in the Indian Ocean trade.

Baraza: Theatre in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities

Hilary Anne Frost-Kumpf, Master's Candidate in International Studies and Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield, discussed the results of her research on theatre and theater management in Tanzania. Some in Tanzania envision a strong, but competitive and dynamic cultural sector with the capacity to promote national identity and contribute towards overall national development and poverty reduction (Tanzania Cultural Trust Fund, 2005). But practitioners of live theatre struggle for resources including adequately trained artists, appropriate performance spaces, and financial support.

Darfur: Testing the Effectiveness of International Institutions in Responding to Human Rights Crimes

Date: October 9
Presenter: Dr. Peter Takarimbudde

Careers in the International Human Rights Field

Date: October 10

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Refugee All-Stars and discussion

Date: October 11
Introduction by: Peter Takarimbudde

Internet diffusion and re-invention in Africa: Moving Beyond the Digital Divide

Date: October 23
Presenter: Lyombe (Leo) Eko, Associate Professor in the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Lambaréné: When Translating a Colonial Mentality Loses its Meaning

Date: October 30
Presenter: Anny D. Curtius, Assistant Professor in the Department of French and Italian.