The University of Iowa

Orientation Information and Registration Holds

All incoming F-1 and J-1 international students must attend international orientation.  One component of international orientation is the mandatory immigration session.  If a student fails to attend this session, a hold will be placed on next semester registration until the student completes the requirement, indicating that the student “needs ISSS permission.”  This information is communicated to the student in orientation materials.  Please note this is a future hold.  There should be no barrier on new students’ ability to register because of the ISSS.

Holds on future registration may also be placed for other reasons, including failure to request part-time authorization or failure to update their local U.S. address properly in the university system.  In these events, the ISSS always e-mails the student about the issue prior to placing the hold.  If there is a hold preventing your advisee from registering, please ask the student to contact the ISSS.