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WorldCanvass ReCap: Journalism and a Free Press in the Age of Fake News

November 7th, 2017

News. Fake news. Disinformation. Fact-checking. Sourced news. Unverified sources. Social media incursions by foreign nations. Cleverly disguised mass propaganda that masquerades as a heartfelt message from a friend…….who knows what to believe anymore when even undeniably true facts are in dispute?  This question was at the heart of the WorldCanvass discussion about “Journalism and a Free Press in the Age of Fake News.” Read more about the program and guests.

Media Coverage

Press Citizen: What is the problem with fake news?
The Daily Iowan: 'WorldCanvass' discusses fake news, international implications


Segment One: Is there a way out of cynicism?

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Segment Two: Writing about war and radical social change

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Segment Three: Two global stories: the freelance journalist and the editor

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WorldCanvass is also available on iTunes.

View photos from the event here .