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WorldCanvass ReCap: Embracing Complexity

October 9th, 2017

WorldCanvass started its ninth season by teaming up with Hancher and its Embracing Complexity project for a multi-layered program exploring the beauty of Islamic art and the diversity within Islamic cultures. Joan Kjaer and guests discussed the great diversity that exists within Islamic cultures and traditions, ancient and modern, near and far.  They examined the many aesthetic, artistic, architectural, and other elements of Islamic expression that have made their way into the global consciousness and talked with a playwright who’s documenting the contemporary Muslim experience in Iowa. The show was closed out with a performance by musical group, Niyaz. They shared their musical vision, which is rooted in ancient poetry and Sufi mysticism, and their hopes to unite different peoples and traditions through a common humanity. Read more about the program and guests.

Media Coverage

Press Citizen: Embracing Complexity project seeks to undermine 'us vs. them' dichotomy


Segment One: Exploring Islam and Islamic culture

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Segment Two: The Muslim experience in Iowa

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Segment Three: Niyaz

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WorldCanvass Embracing Complexity

View photos from the event here