The University of Iowa

WorldCanvass Featured in Local Media

December 16th, 2009

WorldCanvass was featured in two news stories this week, being heralded as a fresh option for offering Iowa City a taste of culture and art from around the world.

In an article in The Daily Iowan, staff writer Eric Andersen quotes WorldCanvass host Joan Kjaer as saying,

“It’s interesting how the second and third guest on the show will reflect back to what the first guest may have said. It sort of feels like that really interesting party or dinner you went to, where people you never met were sitting next to you, and by the end of the evening it sort of feels like you know about what they do with their lives.”

The Iowa City Press Citizen also featured WorldCanvass with a front page story and photo. Brian Morelli high lighted the unique nature of a University producing a show for public radio, and also the marketable nature of this sort of content.

"Aside from the student-run stations such as KRUI, universities typically aren’t in the radio broadcast business, Thomas said. ” This is a first. I am not aware of any other show like this that any of our peers do,” Thomas said.

KUT, a University of Texas radio station based in Austin, already has signed on to use content from World Canvass. Segments will be used on a program called O’ Dark 30, which features work from independent products.

“People here are interested in global issues, but also issues from this country,” said Rebecca McInroy, a KUT producer and host. “It’s just different, and I knew people here would love it.”