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WorldCanvass Explores India on Feb 12

February 1st, 2010

Imagine a wondrous place where ancient cultures, languages and traditions intermix with a 21st century economy and a people’s rising expectations. Imagine colors, sounds and smells that permeate the senses.

Imagine India.

Join Joan Kjaer and her guests for the next WorldCanvass at 5 p.m. on February 12, 2010, in the Old Capitol Senate Chamber. The line-up of interesting, experienced and intelligent guests just gets better every month!

February’s guests are as follows:

– Raj Rajagopal will explain the development of the India winterim program… how he became so enthused about taking students to India and how he established partnerships with volunteer organizations.

– Anita Jung, Joann Eland, Jerry Anthony and Motier Haskins (faculty participants in the India winterim program) will talk about their teaching and living experiences in India

– Students Ali Keenan, Jamie Sanchagrin, Nathan Popp, Jeannette George and Roberto Paniagua will reflect on their work in India and the ways in which the India winterim program has changed them.

– Philip Lutgendorf will talk about two of his interests– Bollywood and the social history of tea . He will also discuss his new presidential role at the American Institute of Indian Studies.

– Frederick Smith will discuss the history of deity and spirit possession in South Asia and the tradition of epic storytelling.

– Gigi Durham and Meena Khandelwal will discuss the socialization of girls—they’ll compare and contrast between India and America.

– Jay Sehgal and Usha Balakrishnan will talk about their work and interests. Jay Sehgal will talk about integrated, sustainable rural development.UI students from Winterim have visited his Institute of Rural Research and Development in India. Usha Balakrishnan will speak about CARTHA and how her roots in Indian culture have shaped the way she sees the world. Usha is the founder of the non-profit organization CARTHA, whose goal is to “cultivate collaborative doers.

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