The University of Iowa

Virtual Homecoming Spotlight: Mingqian Liu

November 17th, 2015
Mingqian Liu

Virtual Homecoming is a chance to share memories from your time at the UI and reconnect with your alma mater, regardless of where you are in the world. During International Education Week 2015 (Nov. 16-20), we will be sharing some of these alumni stories.

Mingqian Liu, originally from Beijing, China, graduated from the University of Iowa in 2011 with a degree in international studies and art history. Mingqian went on to earn a PhD in history from Texas A&M University with a concentration in historic preservation and museum studies before returning to Beijing. She now works at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University as a public education fellow, developing art education programs for people of all ages.

While at the UI, Mingqian enjoyed attending events and programs organized by the International Programs office, including International Student Orientation and International Classroom Journey. She especially enjoyed spending time in the IMU Riverroom chatting with friends or reading books. When asked to describe her University of Iowa experience in one word, Mingqian responded with, “Engagement.”

Mingqian would like to thank Professor John B. Scott at the School of Art and Art History for his role in encouraging her to follow her interests and inspiring her to pursue a career in art history and museum-related fields.