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blue cheese graphic

UI int'l students develop award-winning Blue Cheese app

A mobile app that has changed the way international students view restaurant menus started with a disastrous date. Mortified after ordering a salad topped with moldy cheese for his dining companion, University of Iowa student RuiHao Min came up with the idea for a visual menu translation app to help international students make more informed ordering decisions.
Academic Year in Freiburg video screenshot

Academic Year in Freiburg (video)

In this video, two returned University of Iowa students share their thoughts and reflections on their year in Freiburg. The Academic Year in Freiburg is a two-semester consortial program with the Universities of Iowa, Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan and Michigan State. It offers students the opportunity to improve fluency in the German language while taking a blend of program classes and regular German university classes.
An Indian couple leaves Costco

UI alum's "My Dear Americans" selected for PBS Online Film Festival

An overly excited husband tries to cheer up his wife as they prepare to celebrate Fourth of July in their brand new home – complete with matching American flag T-shirts; but as the Indian-American couple adjust to life in the ‘burbs they are soon exposed to local ignorance and prejudice that threatens to dampen their spirits.

Exploring criminology's mysteries in London

Our trip has been filled to the brim with breathtaking tours offering us a take on London’s most popular attractions. However, things shifted a bit when we gathered on a cobbled stone road, just as the sun began to set for the evening. Rather than giggles and an overall uplifting vibe, the nervous tension and quickening heartbeats rose from our group.