UI Widernet: Giving Africa the Internet (video)

University of Iowa’s Widernet Project
Youtube video posted by The Voices of Angels Foundation

(information below from Graduate College Newsletter)

The WiderNet Project, a service project within The University of Iowa’s School of Library and Information Science, focuses on the improvement of educational technology systems by helping primarily universities, secondary schools, and hospitals worldwide furnish people with access to computers, digital information, and the Internet.

Cliff Missen, a UI visiting professor who directs the WiderNet Project, says there are over 300 eGranary Digital Library installations in 39 different countries.

An eGranary Digital Library is an “Internet in a Box” device that contains more than 10 million educational resources and is installed in hundreds of clinics and schools in low-bandwidth areas around the world.

“Literally, every minute of every day, hundreds of people in the developing world die from a lack of knowledge,” Missen said. “They don’t know how to drill wells, they don’t know about the germ theory. They don’t know how to combat malaria using resources at their disposal. This digital library provides instant access to generations of knowledge.”