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Person to person

Many people travel abroad with expectations of experiencing a way of life that is incredibly different from what they consider “normal”. While in Rwanda, every day presents a new reminder that I am not in America. And this is what I want, this is why I travel- to learn about and accept differences across the globe. However, I have also discovered when it comes down to the wire, people are people and we have much more in common than I’d realized.

Preparing for Morocco: You probably won’t need that

Welcome to my first blog! Hopefully that doesn’t scare you away -- we are, after all, just amateurs. As far as I’m concerned, we shouldn’t be concerned about it. If being an amateur, poet, singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and human has taught me anything, it’s that we must all go through this stage on our path to greatness. Or, in my case, heightened mediocrity.