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The stories I didn't tell

I had grand plans for my study abroad blog. I was going to write an entry every other week. Of course, that didn’t pan out- study, as it turns out, is an essential part of studying abroad and ended up using much of the time I had planned for writing. That plus lots and lots of experiences…

Living authentically abroad: creating real connections and memories by going against the norm

When I began to prepare for my study abroad experience, I remember the first thing I did was open Instagram. For hours, I snooped through the profiles of my friends who had lived abroad, wondering if I would be able to create an experience that was just as unique and fantastic as the posts I saw online.

Deciding Whether to Study Abroad for a Summer, a Semester, or a Year?

A lot of students considering semester-long programs return, saying they wish they'd studied abroad for longer. However, for other students, a semester might be the perfect amount of time abroad, or even a summer. Here are some tips to help you decide which option is best for you. Keep in mind that every program and each student studying abroad is different.

5 goals you should set for yourself before you study abroad

Once abroad, you meet countless new friends, learn a completely new culture and time starts to fly. Soon you find yourself cherishing your last months and weeks abroad, wishing you would have had a better idea of what you were getting yourself into. Well, you’re in luck! Here are 5 goals that you should set for yourself during your time abroad!