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Editorial: UI trip to Asia exotic, but necessary

OK, obviously, going to Asia and visiting some of the hot spots such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Beijing would be the cat's pajamas. And, obviously, doing it on the UI Foundation's dime would be the bee's knees. But it won't be all sake and dim sum for President Sally Mason and the UI delegation heading off to those four places in order to recruit students and strengthen ties with Chinese interests. Presidential fundraising and the UI Foundation have both taken a few shots as of late, but anyone knows that in order to run a business, such as a Board of Regents' university in the state of Iowa, you have to keep the wheels greased and the investors happy — and that takes a little schmoozing.
Entrepreneurship and Global Trade

Tippie class helps Iowa entrepreneurs enter the worldwide market

A class offered this spring by the University of Iowa is helping entrepreneurs from around the state learn how to take their businesses global. The class—Entrepreneurship and Global Trade—is offered online by the Tippie College of Business and John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center. It’s designed to provide practical lessons to small business owners or aspiring small business owners who want to start selling outside the United States.

Some UI international entrepreneurial students struggle with federal laws

UI junior Angeline See longs to craft her dream business — a bakery chock-full of delicious and colorful Asian desserts. But the native of Malaysia found out her endeavors may be postponed last fall when applying for an office space at the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory. International students are prohibited from self-employment while on student visas. So for students like See, the only chance at launching a business would be finding a native student to partner with.

Student Reflections on First-Generation Abroad: Emigration to studying abroad

With two parents who emigrated to the U.S. in the late '70s, they have been unsure and hesitant about certain aspects of the college experience. When I brought up the idea of spending two weeks in London with a bunch of people I didn't know, they bombarded me with questions. Luckily for me, the entire process has been extremely easy. There are dozens of people within the Study Abroad office who helped out with general questions as well as anything we wanted to know about financial aid. Before I knew it, I was on the plane across the Atlantic Ocean..

Student Reflection on Sexual Orientation: Being yourself abroad

I learned a lot about interactions between one person and another, regardless of their background. I had drifted into a stagnant mindset that other people would think of me in a set way, and I was unsure of how to approach them. I let my own biases influence my character. I realized that individuals react and interact with other individuals. Sexual orientation, nationality, or gender don't play a role in that interaction. I was pleasantly surprised to find this out on an international study abroad program.